Aesthetic dentistry


Teeth darken with age. Your lifestyle can also be seen in your smile. The most intense discoloring factors for teeth are tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco.

We use a controlled but comfortable home-bleaching system. Impressions are made of the patients’ teeth and fitted acrylic soft molds manufactured. At home you fill the molds with the bleaching agent and the molds are put into the clean mouth. Bleaching is most comfortably executed at night during the sleep. A week's treatment is normally sufficient for a good bleaching result.

Orthodontic treatment with the Inman method

Crowded teeth and mal positioning in your front teeth, can be corrected with the help of Inman braces. The braces are removable, but demand an active use to be successful. The teeth move very quickly with these braces, even in 6 weeks. Let us consult you about this method to see if it is suitable for you!

Ceramic veneers

With ultra-thin veneers we can change the appearance of the front teeth and make them look clean and even. The veneers cover the teeth facades and you can also correct small irregularities in the teeth and their internal position and make the entire front look brighter and more uniform.


If a tooth is damaged so much that it no longer is possible to repair it using the normal resin based materials, we can do it with a crown. Crowns are made in collaboration with dental technicians and glued on to the own tooth or root. Previously crowns were made of gold, porcelain or their combination. Today they are almost exclusively made of strong and tooth colored ceramics.


A completely lost tooth can be replaced with an implant or a bridge solution. Also here ceramic materials are used in all visible parts of the construction.

Clenching or teeth grinding

Teeth should only touch each other when eating. Some people develop a habit of grinding their teeth also when the mouth is empty. The teeth are not made for such hyperactivity and it leads to unnecessary wear and splits and breaking, often in combination with increased sensitivity and pain. Not only the teeth suffer, but the grinding can lead to headaches, stiffness in the neck and shoulders and even sleeping problems. A person who is clenching their teeth while sleeping, has a very light and unrelaxed sleep.

There are many causes to teeth clinching. Stress is said to be the most common, but also teeth mal positions and arthritis of the jaw joints can cause it.

To protect your teeth from over wear, we can make a splint. The acrylic splint is made individually for each patient. The splint guide also reduces the hyperactivity of the teeth grinding, as the muscles are put in a passive mode. Sometimes it is also necessary to further balance the biting force by adjusting the shapes of some teeth surfaces.