Dental care for children and young people


The preliminary so-called “milk” teeth, usually emerge in 4-11 months of age, most children have all their milk teeth before 2.5 years of age.

It is good to accustom children to brushing their teeth as early as possible. Children learn to control to swallow and rinse their mouth around the same age as the preliminary back teeth are emerging. Now it is time to start using a small amount of fluoride containing toothpaste on the toothbrush. The fluoride in toothpaste strengthens the teeth and makes them more resistant to cavities.

Young adults

When dental care, organized by the Public Health in schools ends, young adults’ teeth often stay untreated. The young ones suddenly have to be responsible themselves for seeking care and treatment.

The most common dental problems among young adults, in addition to dental caries decay, are the wisdom teeth, or the third molars.

The wisdom teeth usually emerge in 18-25 years of age. However, very often there is not enough room for these teeth and they remain partly or completely hidden. This causes infections in the gums and therefore it is often necessary to have the wisdom teeth removed. It is better to have a wisdom tooth extracted at a young age, as the procedure is then easier and healing is much faster.